I commit to accepting what endures,
Ever more deeply and with every nuance of my being.

While I recognize my limitations,
I leverage them as my power,
Focusing my efforts on what I can do,
Without dwelling on what I cannot.

As I satisfy my needs for awareness,
Beauty, and contribution to life,
I balance growth, love, creativity and play
To enrich both my own life and the lives of others.

Recognizing the harmony of authentic human needs,
I promote both my own and others' living action,
Focusing my interaction on those who are close,
While connecting as I can with those who are far.

I cultivate compassion
For human beings everywhere:
Both for those whom I personally love,
And even for those whom some would label as my enemies.

Even as I strive to minimize any residue
Of the cancerous corrosion of moralistic judgment, I endeavor -
And I hope, with ever deepening awareness of human needs -
To evaluate both my own and others' living actions.

May I meditate on these principles,
Clarify their meaning,
Incorporate them in my action,
And live a fulfilling life.